Stop Freaking Out! No One is Coming for Your Drones

Published on The Bubble


Those little robotic friends that hover above our heads and give us endless fun. And sometimes they can also give us beautiful gifts like this.

Argentina’s new regulation on “unmanned aerial vehicles” caused a ruckus a few weeks ago since suddenly we all learned that the use of some of these devices was being regulated. As several media outlets warned about the impending death of our new favorite gadget, everyone was freaking out. Who was going to be taking beautiful aerial shots of Buenos Aires from now on if no one had access to flying drones anymore?

I feel your pain, but (surprise!) those reports were mostly incorrect.

First, let me clarify. Technically, not everything we call “drones” are, in fact, drones. This is because some can be programmed to fly on their own and do not need someone to control them, while others do need a human being to control them via a smartphone or joystick. (The latter are not drones, technically, but we’ll use this word for simplicity’s sake in this article).

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